Bearton Abbey is the home of siblings, Steerforth and Georgiana Beartram. Share in their daily escapades along with cousins, Burl and Pearl Cavedish of Cavedweller Hall, and friends who have yet to be revealed. Hobbs the butler always has something interesting to add making Barton a welcome and happy place indeed.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Episode VII-Petticoats and Pantaloons

"Yes, Georgiana, he has returned."
"Perhaps we should pay him a visit this afternoon."
"He has just returned from a dreadfully long trip, do you think it proper to call on him so soon?
 The ball is but a week away, we can catch up with him then."
This triggered a thought in Georgiana's snowy mohair head.
"Oh my, only a week away. I'll need a new dress for the occasion!"
Shaking his head Steerforth grinned.
"Send for Carlotta as you will need a new hat and gloves to go with the dress. Ask Hobbs to send for Bearington the tailor too."
Georgiana wrote the necessary correspondence and had Hobbs send them immediately.

Sometime later...
"My dear Georgiana, I came as soon as I received your note. What can I do for you?"
"Carlotta, no doubt you have heard about the upcoming ball. I need to look my very best as I am anticipating a very special evening."
They grasped paws giggling over the prospects.
"When I am done you will be the belle of the ball Georgiana!"
A short time later Bearington, the tailor, arrived.
"Good of you to come on such short notice Bearington."
"I came as soon as I could sir. Let's get your measurements and I shall make the most exquisite suit this town has ever seen."
As Bearington took Steerforth's measurements they discussed the upcoming festivities and all of the news from town.
"How is your sister handling his return?"
"She's a bit starry eyed I must say, but one can't blame her. I only hope his time away has not changed things between them. I received word this morning that he wants to speak with me Friday afternoon about something of the utmost urgency."
"Everyone in town feels certain there is some sort of understanding between them. Do you think something has changed during his absence?"
"I should think not. Nonetheless, I am not going to mention it to Georgiana until I have met with him."
"A wise idea indeed."

Once Carlotta and Bearington finished taking measurements they returned to their respective shops in town to begin creating.

"Steerforth, do you believe absence makes the heart grow fonder?"
"What is haunting your furry head Georgiana?"
"Well, he has been home nearly two days and has yet to send word except for the invitation to the ball. You do not think his feelings have changed during his absence?"
"Georgiana, the poor bear has just returned after a very long and tiresome journey. Give him time to settle."
This seemed to pacify Georgiana; however, Steerforth could not help but wonder if her fears were just. He would know tomorrow afternoon when he paid him a visit...

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