Bearton Abbey is the home of siblings, Steerforth and Georgiana Beartram. Share in their daily escapades along with cousins, Burl and Pearl Cavedish of Cavedweller Hall, and friends who have yet to be revealed. Hobbs the butler always has something interesting to add making Barton a welcome and happy place indeed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Act VI-Life is a Cabearet!

The afternoon colloquy continued until Victoria, Burl, and Pearl bid adieu and left for their respective homes.
Burl, being the conscientious bear that he was, offered Victoria a ride to her estate.
Pearl was less than pleased but not wanting to be rude said nothing more about it, but the grimace on her face spoke volumes.
Once everyone was on their way Georgiana started back to the parlor when she noticed something beneath the bell pull. Leaning over to retrieve it she was startled by the clanging of the front door bell. Nearly tumbling head over paws she regained her composure as Hobbs rushed past to open the door.
"Miss Beartram, please allow me."
Not wanting to interfere she returned to the parlor where Steerforth was immersed in a book. Looking up he smiled.
"Who rang the bell?"
"I don't know. Hobbs is attending to it."
Moments later Hobbs entered with an embossed envelope.
"This just arrived via snail mail sir."
"Thank you Hobbs."
 Georgiana looked on as Steerforth opened the envelope and read,
"You are cordially invited to a ball..."
"How exciting! I do love to dance! And to be fond of dancing is a certain step towards falling in love!"
 Georgiana began twirling about the room.
"It does sound like a lovely way to spend an evening. And you will be pleased to learn who the guest of honor is."
But before Georgiana could respond the front bell pealed again.
With a scowl on his face Hobbs entered the room and introduced the guest.
"Sir, Miss Harietta Rabbit to see you."
Scurrying past Georgiana, Harietta hopped onto the chair leaving Georgiana to sit in the rocker.
Hobbs began to protest but Steerforth stopped him before a word was muttered.
"Miss Rabbit, to what do we owe this honor?"
 Hobbs rolled his eyes and departed.
"No doubt word has reached you that one of our most accomplished citizens has returned from a long sabbatical."
"Why yes, we just received an invitation for the ball in his honor."
"I suspected you might know something of this momentous occasion. I am writing an article for the Bearton Times and thought you might be able to shed some light as to the attendees of the event as well as any discoveries made on his travels..."
Unable to withstand the suspense any longer Georgiana blurted out,
"Oh my goodness, you don't mean..."
 Her snow white fur flushed,
"He has returned!"
Finally he was home...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tinkering with Bells-Episode V

An air of uneasiness infiltrated the very mohair on Hobbs' straw stuffed head.
Unexpectedly a voice bellowed through the room sending him to the floor once again.

Well he’s on his way!” a strong Scottish brogue rang out.

"Confound  it Scottie! You scared the paws out from under me!”

Standing up Hobbs re-straightened his tie before turning to see Bearton's master gardener standing in the doorway.

Sorry ole chap. Why so jittery?”

No reason, just deep in thought.”

Somthin’ the matter chum?”

Not a thing.” Hobbs answered aloofly, bothered that the gardener would be so friendly with him.

Well then, I better be gettin’ back to work. Mr. ‘am should be 'ere directly.”

A short time later…

A thunderous thwacking reverberated through the halls. Peter Ham, owner of the Tinker Bell Installation and Repair Co., waited at the door.

Good day Mr. Ham. Thank you for your prompt response.”

No problem. Where is the bell in question?”
Huffing and puffing it was apparent that Mr. Ham needed to spend more time on his feet and less time tinkering with bells.

Follow me."
Mr. Ham looked the bell pull over carefully.

This is an easy fix. I’ll have it done faster than you can say Never, Never Land.

 Hobbs reflected quietly as returned to his duties, ‘fast, I think not. Pigs will fly before you complete anything quickly.’


Mr. Ham continued tinkering with the bell when something on the floor caught his attention. Bending over to inspect it closer a voice behind him sent his heart a flutter.

Mr. Ham, thank you for responding so promptly to our dilemma.”
Hitting his head as he jumped up he gazed upon the lovely visage of Georgiana Beartram. Remembering his manners he bowed quickly,

Miss Beartram, always a pleasure. I believe I've found the problem and will have the situation remedied momentarily.”

Curtsying she smiled and left the room. Mr. Ham’s heart pounded within his portly chest. What a vision of loveliness was she.
Returning to his task he tinkered and tinkered until the connection was complete.

Giving it a tug Hobbs appeared directly.

Looks like it's workin’  Mr. Hobbs.”

Very good. If you’ll follow me I shall see you on your way.”

Gathering his tools Mr. Ham followed Hobbs downstairs where he gave him his wages and bid him adieu. Of course, Georgiana’s beauty had distracted Mr. Ham from the mysterious object which remained undiscovered at the base of the bell pull…

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Silence of the Bell-Episode IV

Now Pearl, don’t get melodramatic. I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for Hobbs’ absence. I shall go to the service quarters and investigate.”
Oh my, do you think that wise? What if something dreadful has happened? Pearl feels something has been lurking about the place as of late.”
Indignant over Victoria making reference to her, even though she agreed with her statement, Pearl quipped, “Despite Victoria’s overwhelming paranoia it is probably a good idea to take someone with you to investigate. One never knows what is around the corner these days.”
Seeing Victoria’s concern Burl stood,
“I’ll go with you Steerforth!”
No need my good fellow. Besides someone should stay here with the ladies, don’t you agree?”
Nodding, Burl sat and began regaling them with stories of past excursions to the lake for summer picnics. All button eyes followed Steerforth except for Burl who gazed upon Victoria as he spoke.

Reaching the lower level Steerforth called out, “Hobbs, are you here?”
Suddenly the clattering of pots resounded as something crashed to the floor. Steerforth charged into the room expecting the worst. Hobbs lay sprawled amongst a passel of pots and pans.

Sir, you startled me. I was reaching for one of the frying pans when you called out. What are you doing down here?”
I rang several times and when you did not appear I decided to investigate.”

He offered his paw helping Hobbs from the floor.
Thank you sir, I am honored by your concern.” bowing, his tie still askew. “But sir, the bell did not ring, of this I am certain.”

Puzzlement rumpled their mohair snouts. Upon further inspection they discovered the pull was detached from the bell.
Well there’s the problem. The blasted thing is disconnected. I’ll send for Mr. Ham to fix it.”

I shall be happy to fetch him, sir.” Hobbs said nobly.

Thank you Hobbs. The more expeditiously it is repaired the sooner I can put the ladies’ minds at ease. They had it in their furry heads that you had fallen prey to something devious lurking about the house.”
Both bears chuckled at the thought. Stopping in the doorway Steerforth turned, “Hobbs, could you send someone else to fetch Mr. Ham. I need you to prepare another cup of Earl Gray for Miss Bearwell.
Straightening his tie Hobbs let out a deep sigh. “Of course sir. Right away.”
Steerforth returned upstairs as Hobbs sent word to Mr. Ham via the gardener. Returning to his duties of preparing the second cup of what would no doubt become fifty cups of Earl Gray over the course of the afternoon, his mohair began to stand on end as a sense of uneasiness rushed through his stuffing…