Bearton Abbey is the home of siblings, Steerforth and Georgiana Beartram. Share in their daily escapades along with cousins, Burl and Pearl Cavedish of Cavedweller Hall, and friends who have yet to be revealed. Hobbs the butler always has something interesting to add making Barton a welcome and happy place indeed.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cast Interview-James Steerforth

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of Bearton Abbey where we take a closer look at the hit blogspot and hold interviews with the cast!
 "I'm Lizzy, and I will be conducting this evening's interview with our star bear, James Steerforth."

"Tell us how you got started in acting."
"It's actually a funny story. I was sitting on a shelf in an old house when people started coming through purchasing all of the items. Apparently it was something called an estate sale. A sweet couple chose me and took me home. Little did I know that they dealt in antique toys. Next thing I know I've gone from beloved childhood teddy bear to an antique for sale! Needless to say, a woman saw my potential, made the purchase, and voila, now I'm a blogland star."
"HA!!! That is funny!"

"But on a more serious note, how did you feel leaving your long-time home?"

"It was tough at first but I must say stardom is quite enjoyable."

"We're going to show a clip from one of Steerforth's favorite episodes. Can you set the scene for our viewers?"
"Of course. We were doing the photo shoot for Episode V-Silence of the Bell. Hobbs was startled by something as he was reaching for a pan from the pot holder in the kitchen. He ends up on the floor amongst a pile of pots and pans. The expression on his face when he realizes he can't get up is priceless. We had a good laugh about it  after the scene was complete."
"Ok Steerforth! Stop laughing and give me a paw old chum! I've fallen and I can't get up!"
"A bit out of shape are we? Perhaps you need to lighten up on the honey! Hahaha!"
"UGH! Steerforth, that camera better not be on! So help me if this ends up on the blooper reel some fur is going to fly!"
"That is hilarious!"
"Well it appears we are out of time. Thanks for joining us for Behind the Scenes of Bearton Abbey! Until next time!"
The End.


  1. Well you really are a most talented bear, thank you for sharing the clips from your movie! Bear hugs, catherine x

  2. Hi Kim,
    That is so cute, and funny! I can tell you are having so much fun, and Lizzie too!
    Take care and have a great week!

  3. Love it! Looks like Lizzie has a new career:) SC

  4. Hello Bearton,
    Cannot wait to meet you I am Bazil LadyJanes Fox!
    Our Mummies met last weekend at the Frampton Plantation:)
    I cannot wait to show you London.