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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Growl and Bear It!!! A humorous look at life:). The first installment.


The thoughts and opinions expressed by Mr. Buzzfuzz in no way reflect upon or represent those of the person typing this column. Mr. Buzzfuzz exercises his right as a mohair teddy bear to be grumpy, crotchety, cranky, irritable, and cantankerous as written in the Bear of Rights. Having studied at Bearkley University as well as Bear Cave U, he is well versed in the ethics and regular violation of said ideals as viewed on a daily basis. For those who do not have a sense of humor, are unable to laugh at themselves, or are easily offended, Mr. Buzzfuzz suggests that you ‘talk to the paw.’

Recent Cheating Scandals

Good evening and thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to visit. I am Mr. Buzzfuzz, a Bearrister of strong opinion, with a few thoughts regarding the recent NFL scandals. It is a disturbing thought that a cheating scandal in the NFL highlights the headlines when serious things are happening around the world. Furthermore, my muzzle quivers at the idea that a team caught cheating was permitted to play, and subsequently win, a national title, all the while having achieved this feat through deception!!! What kind of message does this send to Americans? But I digress. Let us look at cheating from a different perspective. Recently a group of teachers, whose jobs were on the line if they didn’t produce test scores at a level statistically impossible, chose to cheat. I’m not condoning their actions but one can understand how the pressure and unrealistic expectations placed upon them led to this course of action. For those who are Winnie the pooh-poohing this idea, you obviously have never been in a classroom where teachers are responsible for instructing 20 plus children, some of which are defiant with serious behavioral issues (chair throwing, attacking adults and students, using scissors and pencils as weaponry) while others have notable learning problems. Let us not forget the children who are poverty stricken, hungry, or living in abusive, neglectful homes. Yup, teachers have to teach ALL of these kids. Despite these challenges, every child is expected to be at or above grade level on test scores.  Once again, statistically impossible! A group of teachers caved to the pressure and cheated, a very bad decision indeed. Not only did they lose their jobs, but they lost their licenses to teach. Additionally they had to pay fines!!! But wait, there’s more! They also have to go to prison!!! Does this seem like equity and fairness in punishment? Let’s investigate further, shall we? Big important quarterback cheats in order to win millions of dollars and complains because he’s not allowed to play for four games next season. Oh the horror! He won the millions of dollars by cheating and did not have to forfeit his title or cash prize. Another football player decks his fiancĂ©e and has to attend anger management class and pay the huge fine of…wait for it…$125.00. That’s right, $125, a crippling amount for someone who makes millions of dollars each year. Another NFL player was allowed to return to his job with a different team after serving in prison for abusing animals. Outrageous! These are the role models for America’s youth! The message sent is quite clear; if you play professional sports you are above the law. You can cheat, as well as physically abuse animals and people whenever you choose because you are important. But teachers? If they cheat (notice that abuse and physical aggression are missing from the list of transgressions) not only are they reprimanded but denied access to their career FOREVER, pay fines beyond their salaries, and serve in prison. I can hardly bear it! The final lesson; don’t cheat (unless you are a pro athlete) and it is acceptable to beat women and children and abuse animals (once again, only if you are a pro athlete). Enough said. Don’t agree with me? Talk to the paw.

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