Bearton Abbey is the home of siblings, Steerforth and Georgiana Beartram. Share in their daily escapades along with cousins, Burl and Pearl Cavedish of Cavedweller Hall, and friends who have yet to be revealed. Hobbs the butler always has something interesting to add making Barton a welcome and happy place indeed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Bearton Abbey

Kramer, stage manager and resident palmetto bug assasin, has been busy on the Bearton Abbey set this week.
Here he does a wardrobe check for Steerforth between takes.

A recheck of his fur style before the cameras roll.

Readjusting the stage curtain.

Making sure the camera angle is correct.
As you can see he is one very busy kitty!

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  1. Is Hollywood Kramer's next gig? An experienced stage manager could certainly find employment in perhaps the movies, tv? He's so detailed oriented:) SC